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Phentermine questions and answers online. Cheapest prescription diet pill engine.

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Frequently asked questions about Phentermine

Q. Can I purchase Phentermine online?

A. Absolutely! Phentermine may be ordered online. You can buy it online. You can will find the cheapest online prices by using our best price search engine which is here. There are a number of reputable online pharmacies and clinics (apart from us) who dispense online.

Q. Do I need a prescription to buy Phentermine online?

A. You are obliged to take an online consultation with a US certified physician. Physicians are licensed in the United States and have been through a credentialing process, including a background check. This does not necessarily mean that there are licensed doctors in every single state. The exception is Nevada. Nevada law requires, among other items, a physical examination of a patient who is a Nevada resident before that patient may be issued a prescription.

Q. Is an online prescription for phentermine legal?

A. Yes. The pharmacies we use are licensed to ship medication to all 50 states and employ licensed US pharmacists. Medication is obtained from legitimate pharmaceutical wholesalers in bulk which allows us to provide cheap prices.

Q. Is there an age restriction for buying phentermine online?

A. Yes. You must be 18 years or older to order via us. You also must accept the patient responsibility and the informed consent forms. This is an online dispensing system and your order will not be dispatched unless you accept these documents.

Q. Is there a quality difference when I buy online?

A. No. The product shipped is the same high standard you get from your local pharmacist. The pharmacies we use are dedicated to maintaining and exceeding the federal standards.

Q. Is the information provided in the questionnaire adequate for prescription purposes?

A. Generally the online questionnaire has been phrased in such a way as to give the physician sufficient information to adequately prescribe your medication. The questionnaires are on secure servers and prevent loss of privacy. They also allow for cost reduction as the prescribing physician does not have the overheads of a big staff. In certain cases the doctor may ask for additional information by email. Online consultations are a new licensed concept in health care designed to provide a means for patients to receive treatment for a limited number of conditions that, in certain circumstances, may not require a physical exam.

Q. Does phentermine expire?

A. Yes – you should not use tablets that are beyond their expiry date.

Q. Is Phentermine suitable for long term use?

A. Generally Phentermine is for the short-term treatment (6-12 weeks) of obesity. It is an appetite suppressant and should be taken in conjunction with a properly constituted diet and exercise regimen. Phentermine can be taken for sustained periods under medical supervision.

Q. Can I break a phentermine tablet in half to get a reduced dosage?

A. We are not allowed to approve this. Obviously you can do this. Many customers do this as a cost saving exercise. You should not do this to a capsule.

Q. Can I purchase Phentermine online from you if I live outside the USA?

A. Sorry we only operate in the USA. There are dispensers who dispense in Canada, the UK and Europe. It is illegal for US based pharmacies to ship controlled substances such as Phentermine, Tenuate, Bontril, Ionamin, Meridia, Didrex, and Adipex outside of the United States. The only diet pill can be shipped outside of the U.S.is Xenical.

Q. How do I track my order?

A. Any good online pharmacy has their own individual tracking system. Please use the online tracking systems. We recommend that you print your order details as you order so you have a physical record. You can always email the supplier. The email must state your order number, your name, address and email address.

Q. How do I refill my prescription?

A. Click the refills link on the individual suppliers page. You will need your old order number or a user name and password. Please have these handy as it will speed up your order process.

Q. What if I lost my old order number?

A. No problem just go to either the refill order form or the regular order form and order again. If you use the refill order form, just leave the old order number blank.