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Propecia Hair Loss

Any man who is experiencing baldness should consider using the Propecia hair loss treatment. This drug is often recommended to men to stop or repeal the occurrence of hair loss. Although there are no such products that cure hair loss conditions, the formulation of Propecia is credible enough in either stopping or reversing alopecia in many men.

Around 80 percent of Propecia users were able to stop the hair loss and in some extent had even reversed the condition. This figure is supported by the various studies conducted by experts to test the efficacy of the drug. Just to make you aware, Propecia Finasteride was firstly introduced as Proscar, a drug used by men to lessen the instances of BPH. However, Merck had noticed a significant side effect which enabled men to grow back their hair even if they once went through baldness. Hence, Propecia drug was made. It was on December 22, 1997 that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had given its approval to Propecia as a drug that can be used as a treatment for hair loss. Right after the formulation of Propecia, Merck proceeded in marketing the product and persuaded the people with its importance and functionality.

The occurrence of baldness is mainly caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT interrelates with the hair follicles which are hereditarily susceptible to their activities. To give you a better understanding, you must know that DHT is a vital active component in the process of hair loss. It happens because it connects with receptor spots of hereditarily susceptible hair follicles and leadingly corrupts little by little the capability of the follicles to generate healthy hair. The activity can cause baldness.

Propecia fights the tendency of hair loss by hampering the testosterone from being converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The reduction of DHT level in scalp influences the slowing down of hair thinning. In some events, Propecia can also manage to reverse the condition. Although in most cases, Propecia was seen to work effectively in fighting against hair loss, there are some limitations to this drug. Propecia hair loss treatment was never seen to work effectively on hair loss occurring on frontal portions. The drug can only deal hair losses occurring in the crown section of scalp. For frontal hair loss, hair transplants are often recommended. Furthermore, the efficiency of Propecia is guaranteed on patients who experience baldness below 5 years. Hence, older men may not be able to enjoy the utmost benefits of the drug.

Use Propecia to solve hair loss problem. Many physicians put their trust in Propecia and recommend it to the most of their patients. Most doctors are confident that Propecia can aid the problem of their patients for hair loss. Buy Propecia and start the treatment. I know that hair loss isn’t something anybody can be proud of. In most instances, men felt embarrassed because of this condition. It’s a good thing that Propecia has been brought into the market and is made obtainable by men. Use Propecia hair loss treatment and find out how it will affect you.